KN95 Face Mask - CNAS Tested

Under testing the mask performed to 99% filtration. Note: Both surgical and cloth masks have no filtration testing requirements and are significantly lower in filtering small particles.

• Multiple layer & premium quality: Inner hydrophilic layer+ filtering layer + hydrophobic layer
• Made of high quality material
• Safe, soft and comfortable
• Prevent droplets from spreading, 95% filtration by covering the mouth and nose
• Simple steps for wearing
• One Size Fits All
• Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip to suit all face shapes and sizes

*Important Note: These masks are tested by an accredited laboratory in China, which confirms that despite the absence of all required physical markings on the masks, these have meet the performance criteria required by the GB2626:2006. The independent testing demonstrated they exceed KN95 standard requirements

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Maevn Mask Extender



Multiple Layer & Premium Quality: Inner hydrophilic layer+ filtering layer + hydrophobic layer

One size fits all

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