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Have you ever been in love? Everything reminds you of them, the coffee cup they used, that shirt, the drink bottle you borrowed when you went hiking up in the port hills.  

When you are with friends you gush over them.

Imagine if you could capture that...So every time they take a sip, order a coffee, write a note, charge their phone, play cricket with the family, go on a picnic...they think of you.

When they are with friends and family they tell everyone how great you are.

Just like love, having strong staff and client relationship are powerful. Especially if you are trying to grow your business and encourage referrals.

With that in mind here are 4 ways client gifts can help your grow your business.

1. Give back to those that help keep you in business.

Client gifting is a great opportunity to give back to the customers that support you through out the year and secure business for the coming year. 


2. Future proof your relationship with that business

It strengthens your relationship so that every time they take a sip from your cup, write with your pen, pour a wine they think of you fondly. That way when your competitors come calling you're not just competing on price but on customer service, value and genuine awesomeness.


3. Increase customer retention.

By creating more touchpoints with your customers, it keeps your business top of mind. This can help you keep customers for a longer period of time and get more repeat business. This is important as we all know how expensive it can be to acquire a new customer using marketing.


4. Get them talking about you to everyone.

Unique corporate gifts are a great talking point to get your clients talking about you in a positive way. Turn your customers into your best salespeople (without the cost of a salary) and encourage a steady stream of referral business.


Here are our top 7 picks for Client and Corporate Gifts this Christmas.

TIP: We recommend you pre-order early. We find the good stuff goes quickly and if you order in November it is often too late.
Over the summer months backyard cricket is a kiwi must. Get them talking about you over Summer BBQ's with Friends, With Family Over Christmas Lunch or at Christmas Party Picnic. 
Turn them into a brand ambassador every time they go on a picnic with branded cooler bags. This one comes complete with Bluetooth speakers so you can help them curate the perfect soundtrack for any adventure.
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We all know how bad plastic take away coffee cups are for the environment. Give them a thoughtful, helpful, ethical gift they will use every single day. So they think of you every time they take a sip. 
Aroma Diffuser creates a relaxing, fragrant environment at home or in the office. Simply fill it with 150mls of water and add a couple of drops of essential oil (not included) which will produce up to six hours of continuous operation.
It is powered from a USB port or a mains adapter and has a soothing multi-coloured ambient lighting option. Aroma Diffuser is presented in a white box along with a Micro-B USB cable and an instruction leaflet.
They will think of you everytime they munch your lunch with this Large 9L lunch cooler bag with PE foam insulation encased in a waterproof PEVA inner liner. The outer construction is premium heather style poly-canvas with a handy slip pocket on the front. It has a secure roll top and buckle closure which forms a carry handle when closed. You can even have it branded with your logo.
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Cool white marble with grey veining that's unique to each piece. Each Acacia wood base displays its own character through its unique wood grain and subtle patina finish. Insulating marble keeps wine chilled for several hours after refrigerated.  
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Powerful, bluetooth, 10W wireless speaker with 10 metre range
Excellent client or staff gift. Customise the speaker by adding your company logo.

Gone are the days of boring client gifts.

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