Are your staff uniforms looking a little scruffy around the edges?


Do your uniforms need a face lift?

As a business, you want your staff to be looking sharp and on brand in their uniforms wherever they go. After all, they are walking, talking billboards for your business.

The trouble with buying cheap clothing is that although the fabric might look great when you first buy it. But the thread it is sewn together with is of a poor quality, and after a few washes end up with frayed stitching, holes and a shirt that only lasts a season.


You need work wear that is built to last.

You need to make sure you choose quality products, be it high vis workwear, scrubs, work shirts, suits, activewear or polos. So your team continues to look sharp after a seasons worth of wear.

You need workwear to suit the New Zealand seasons.

When your team isn't wearing the right kind of clothing you can have one of two problems, they sample in items from their own wardrobe which can look scruffy and disjointed.

Or your team can end up off work on sick leave because they are switching from cold to hot to cold all the time. This lost time and productivity can have a huge impact on profitability an the level of service you can offer, not to mention the extra money spent on sick leave.

This is where Brandwear can help

Our strength is in finding you the right garments & promotional merchandise and taking care of the process from start to finish. We have experience supplying some of New Zealand's most iconic businesses with stylish custom uniforms and promotional clothing.

Competitive Pricing

Buying in bulk? Tell us what you need & we'll sharpen our pencil with a competitive quote. We understand that as a business you may need shirts, tshirts, pants, pens, beanies or cups we can give you a quote for everything and we can sharpen our pencil for larger orders.

Get the customer service you crave.

We want to be your uniform supplier and give you the level of customer service you crave. Got a new member starting? No problem, just get in touch with one of our brandwear team and we can send out everything they need for the season and keep you apprised of any seasonal options for when the weather gets cooler or hotter.

Are you looking for quality workwear, garments and uniforms for your staff?

We specialise in clothing for corporate, workwear, hospitality, security, sportswear, casual and headwear. We handle a wide array of garments: from professional custom suiting for upmarket hotels, to heavy-duty hi-vis workwear for cold New Zealand winters.

Let brandwear help make your team look amazing.

  • Are you starting a business? Or maybe your uniforms are looking a little tired?
  • Not sure what kind of uniforms your team needs?
  • Would you like to modernise your uniform and keep your team looking sharp?
  • Not sure where to start?

Organise a quick 10 minute chat with one of our Uniform Stylists.

  • Let us design your staff the perfect uniform with all the clever features they need to thrive.
  • Hard wearing workwear - tailored to your workplace and its individual needs.
  • We access over 10,000 products and hand pick the perfect items for your workforce.

We just need to grab a little more information about your business and your vision.


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